Top UK Fake Hublot’s Tattoo-Inspired Watches Line In Three Scratch Resistant Versions

What We Know

The partnership between Hublot and Sang Bleu, the creative and design studio owned and operated by Swiss tattoo artist Maxime Plescia-Büchi, is now in its seventh year. To mark the occasion the two have teamed up on a trio of highly scratch-resistant 1:1 UK replica Hublot Unico Big Bang Sang Bleu II watches featuring Plescia-Büchi’s designs. If you’ve seen his highly geometrical tattoos and artwork, then you can probably look at the luxury fake watches here and divine all the connective tissue.

The first best replica watches comes in Magic Gold, which is tougher than its mystical-sounding name lets on. Gold is a notoriously malleable and scratch-prone precious metal, but Hublot mixes in ceramic to make Magic Gold, a proprietary 18-karat gold alloy. The second is green ceramic (colorful ceramic is another Hublot specialty), and the third is black ceramic. Each is a chronograph powered by Swiss made Hublot copy watches’ Unico movement, and each is a limited edition: Magic Gold (100 pieces), Black Magic ceramic (250 pieces), and green ceramic (200 pieces).

What We Think

I am on the record as being a fan of AAA wholesale replica Hublot watches’ collaborations, broadly speaking. There’s something about how the 42-year-old company approaches the artists it works with that I don’t think your average haut de gamme watchmaker with an 18th-century pedigree could quite as easily pull off. There’s no pretense of an established heritage and multigenerational design codes. (Don’t get me wrong, perfect Hublot super clone watches for sure has strong design codes, and that’s a big part of why the brand can be so polarizing.) But it’s their willingness to stand on equal footing with collaborators that has served Hublot well in projects such as this one with Sang Bleu.

Maxime Plescia-Büchi is high quality fake watches guy in addition to being an artist and designer. He’s a graduate of the prestigious École cantonale d’art de Lausanne, and he brings an instantly identifiable style to his tattoo work and is probably best-known for having tattooed Kanye West. Seeing the tattooist’s designs transposed onto a watch – yes on the dial, via an intricate handset, but also given a third dimension through the cases themselves – feels really distinctive and cool. These are replica watches shop site that look like Hublots, sure, but if you’ve seen any of Plescia-Büchi’s tattoo work then you can easily see that this is a pretty thoughtful and involved partnership.

The indelibility of a tattoo is one of its central qualities, so I think there is a connection somehow between designs intended for a tattoo and a watch medium as immutable as a straight ceramic or Magic Gold. These are imitation watches for men intended to look the way they do now for many years to come.

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