Luxury UK TAG Heuer’s New Autavia Replica Watches Is The Ultimate On-wrist All-rounder

Ever since I can remember – going back to the 1990s, for the “I was there” stuff – TAG Heuer has positioned itself as the maker of a man’s “first luxury watch”. That’s the AAA UK replica watches for when the pages of the Argos catalogue and the shelves of the local middle-of-the-road jeweller have been well and truly exhausted. The 1:1 best fake watches that says you’ve grown up.

Prices have climbed throughout that time, steeply in fact, but for a reasonably priced watch from a well-engineered brand with oodles of Swiss Made heritage and a healthy dollop of brand kudos, perfect TAG Heuer replica watches is rarely bettered. Its baseline Formula 1 collection, while we’re here, is available from exactly £1,000. That’s back-of-the-grid luxury copy watches online budget, but at least you’re racing.

The Formula 1 though, isn’t what we might term an “everywhere” high quality replica watches. It’s distinctly sporty, with a punchy design that’s not versatile enough to do the crossover thing – it can’t be dressy, for example, or even really formal. And a one-watch guy should be looking for a watch he can put some long-distance miles on.

Which brings us to Autavia. Sixty years ago, fake TAG Heuer watches for sale– or Heuer as it still was back then – introduced a new line of wrist chronographs called Autavia. The name came from the company’s archives and had originally been coined for a dashboard stopwatch used in rally timing, where so much of the company’s brand equity lies. It was a portmanteau, combining syllables from the words “automobile” and “aviation”.

This was 1962, when a young Jack Heuer had just seized control of his great-grandfather’s company. As he remembers in his autobiography, The Times Of My Life, “The Autavia wrist chronograph was the first real wrist Swiss movements replica watches product I personally created for the company.” Like the Carrera that followed a year later, it was what Jack called a “modern chronograph”. In his mind, these were designed for ambitious, upwardly mobile men – Carrera, named after a 1950s Mexican road race, even meant “career” or “path”.

Now, six decades later, TAG Heuer super clone watches for men has chosen to remind us of all this with the Autavia 60th Anniversary editions. These are three new pieces, all in 42mm of stainless steel: a pair of flyback chronographs on quick-change leather straps powered by top wholesale TAG Heuer replica watches’ 80-hour, chronometer-certified Heuer 02 calibre, and a GMT (second time zone) model on an unfussy bracelet I rate as one of the best-looking in the business. The chronographs are the first marked Autavia to carry the stop-and-restart flyback function, originally created to keep track of lap times in a pre-computerised age.

One of the flybacks is coated in black DLC (a hard coating called diamond-like carbon – £5,800), making the silver panda-dialled version (£5,250) the more versatile. The pick for me is the blue-dialled GMT model (£3,500) with its bi-directional, black and blue ceramic bezel for indicating day and night. That bezel isn’t an original solution – Rolex, Seiko, Oris and TAG Heuer itself have all been here before – but it enters today’s feverish stainless steel sports fake watches site market with unassuming élan.

But would you go for one? As ever with a watch, there’s consideration of its place. Despite the prestige of being Jack’s first watch, best quality replica Tag Heuer Autavia watches doesn’t enjoy the chart-topping status of designs such as Carrera and Monaco (which debuted in 1969). If you know Heuer history, you’ll remember the company was bought out in 1985 by Techniques d’Avant Garde – hence TAG – and that by that time, most of Jack Heuer’s design catalogue had been canned, inexplicable though that now seems. Autavia was binned along with Carrera, Monaco and more besides, and it wasn’t until the late 1990s and early 2000s that they began to reappear. Carrera and Monaco were reborn in 1996 and 1997 respectively, but Autavia had to wait its turn till 2003.

And perhaps because of that additional six-year hiatus, it’s never quite reignited consumer imagination as its more famous stablemates have. More significant, arguably, is that it also doesn’t have one immediately recognisable form – some Tag Heuer Autavia fake watches store online have heavier bezels, others barrel-shaped cases with integrated lugs.

But in the same breath, this makes Autavia more intriguing than Carrera or Monaco, which together have formed an almost impermeable layer that defines, and limits, our understanding of what TAG Heuer is. Autavia is a pillar of the 20th century Heuer story on which the brand stands today, and more than worthy of its place on the grid. That it’s also a crossover “everywhere” replica watches paypal that fits the “if there were only one” bill, is a happy by-product of its 60-year legacy.

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