Golf Enthusiasts Rejoice: TAG Heuer Presents Connected Calibre E4 – Golf Edition Replica Watches Wholesale UK

TAG Heuer introduces the latest iteration of its popular Golf Edition replica watches for sale, filled with spectacular new features, such as Drive Shot Tracking and a ball marker built into the strap.

The AAA UK fake TAG Heuer Connected Watches Calibre E4 – Golf Edition is back and better than ever. The latest edition of the luxury Swiss watchmaker’s popular golf watch comes with technical improvements including a new automated shot-tracker, redesigned golf software and a magnetic ball marker built into the strap. This new high quality replica watches offers a stunning aesthetic, whether you’re on the golf course or not.

Since 2015, TAG Heuer has established itself as the unrivalled world leader in luxury smart copy watches online site. Cheap Swiss replica TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition watches first launched in 2018 and has been a standout success for the luxury watch maker, building on TAG Heuer’s long-standing heritage in the sporting world. TAG Heuer has become the undisputed leader in the golf luxury smartwatch sector and is beloved by the golf community.

The best super clone TAG Heuer Connected Watches Calibre E4 – Golf Edition also offers a redesigned interface to make it easier to control the watch’s golf functions, including high-resolution 2D maps showing hazards and distances on more than 40,000 golf courses around the world. It allows wearers to improve their game, no matter what level of player they are.

“Our customers play golf more than any other sport,” says Frederic Arnault, CEO of TAG Heuer. “Golf has become an important pillar of the connected watch: the new Calibre E4 is built to be a watch that wearers don’t take off when they leave the golf course.”

The new perfect replica TAG Heuer Connected Watches Calibre E4 – Golf Edition has a redesigned buckle with a built-in magnetic ball marker. Ball markers are a must-have for putting, so having one incorporated into the watch buckle means one less thing for golfers to carry.

Along with state-of-the-art automatic shot tracking technology, this watch has upgraded its map interface completely. This change comes in response to requests from users of previous Tag Heuer Golf Edition fake watches for men, to be able to see both the distance to target and distance of the tracking shot at the same time.

When the user moves the crown of the top replica watches, the maps move up and down with it, allowing users to see the layout of each hole. When users press on the distance on screen, they can access all the important information about the hole like par, distance to start and end of greens.

The new Golf watch face offers a simple, beautiful design recalling the dimples of a golf ball (and matching the watch’s trademark strap, so it seems as if the strap ‘continues’ into the screen). The 2022 fake watches online also comes with an additional black strap which is easily interchangeable, allowing wearers to pair the watch with elegant outfits, and use it for other sports.

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