A Rare, Complicated 1:1 Fake Patek Calatrava UK You Might Not Have Known About Is Coming Up For Auction

Puyi’s complicated Patek Philippe Calatrava replica for sale UK has a case number (294,462) and movement number (198’299) closer to that last example, but it seems to make sense here: Phillips says the movement was finished in 1929 and cased in 1937.

So how much will the emperor’s complete calendar 96 go for? If you charted all the results I’ve linked here, it’d actually show something of a downward trend – a platinum example broke $1 million in 1990 (and it turned out the perfect replica Patek Philippe Museum was the buyer there), but we haven’t seen much growth since. That said, none of them had the provenance of this one either, so maybe we’re in for a big result this time around. Either way, if you’re looking for a counter-trend, this is it.

But the truth is, not that many people want 30mm vintage 1:1 fake Patek Philippes nowadays, no matter how historically important they are, either to Patek or to the Qing dynasty. We’ve seen something similar play out with 1415 World Timers (which measure 31mm). Tastes change, I get it – but a Swiss made replica Patek Philippe UK like this should never go out of style.

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