Why The Introduction Of UK Luxury Fake TAG Heuer Watches’ New Movements Is A Major Power Play

It’s tempting to think we know TAG Heuer. Stylish sports replica watches for sale for outgoing types, with motor racing running thick in its veins and glamour at every turn. Why, there’s Ryan Gosling wearing a Carrera. Naomi Osaka on court with her very own tennis-themed Aquaracer. And Steve McQueen. Everyone knows the Swiss movements TAG Heuer fake watches story.

But not all of it.

This week’s drop, announced at the Watches and Wonders fair in Geneva, adds a new – and rather unexpected chapter. It starts in familiar enough fashion. There are easy line extensions to the high quality replica Tag Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 watches (a punchy orange-dialled version that taps the colour trend), and a Gulf-liveried Monaco continuation story.

But then it takes a turn with two new models and two new movements that, between them, add a whole new dimension to the TAG Heuer tale.

The first best copy watches is the Aquaracer Professional 1000 Superdiver, a proper hulk of a piece at 45mm, even in feathery titanium, with a helium escape valve and a no-nonsense crown protector. It’s designed for the commercial diving community (and the burlier among us who just love the hardcore aesthetic) and powered by a new automatic mechanical movement called TH30-00.

Second is the Aquaracer Professional 200 Solargraph, a blackened 40mm steel piece with a carbon and green Super-LumiNova bezel. Its TH50-00 movement makes it cheap replica TAG Heuer’s first solar-powered quartz watches.

Now, sticking with things that come in pairs, there are two angles to this story. First is that both top super clone watches accelerate TAG Heuer’s performance drive. We’ve seen that in recent upgrades to its Connected luxury smartwatch – now its mechanical and quartz pieces are up for the same treatment.

Talking to the company’s fresh-faced chief executive Frédéric Arnault and movement director Carole Kasapi last week, the message from the top is clear: these perfect replica watches are a step up in quality. Both the Superdiver’s TH30-00 and Solargraph’s TH50-00 movements come with the promise of superior accuracy, autonomy and reliability – in technical terms at least, they’re better than what went before.

That trajectory might sound obvious, and in a way, it is. 2022 TAG Heuer fake watches’ competitors – Omega, Breitling, Tudor et al – all now have upgraded movements with more accurate timekeeping, bigger power reserves and longer warranties. TAG Heuer, which has typically been more of a gateway into to luxury watch ownership than those brands, is playing catch-up.

So in with the new. The specs are good. The Superdiver’s TH30-00 offers accuracy to +/-3 seconds a day (very good – Rolex leads the way with +/-2); a 70-hour power reserve (around 40 was once the mechanical norm) and a five-year warranty (where it was two). On top of that, TAG Heuer is recommending 10-year servicing intervals on TH30-00 replica watches shop site– of which there will of course be more in the future.

Part of what’s making TAG Heuer so confident in TH30-00’s long-term reliability is that it has surrounded it in a Faraday cage made of a brass alloy (kept secret) that makes the watch sufficiently antimagnetic to satisfy the demands of the ISO6425 dive watch certification, which it does. Magnetism is a watch killer, which is why Omega, for example, now certifies most of its fake watches paypal as resistant to up to 15,000 gauss, still a long way north of what TAG Heuer is offering, since we’re here.

And then the Solargraph. Behind its partially transparent dial is a quartz movement upgraded with a battery charged by solar power. The solar accumulator that serves as the bridge between them is said to be so advanced that in two minutes the China replica watches will take 24 hours of charge, and that once the battery is fully charged, it’ll run for six months, or three and a half years in energy save mode. And, says TAG Heuer, where most batteries need replacing every two or three years, this one’s good for 15 years of service. The five-year warranty and 10-year servicing intervals apply here, too.

This might sound like nerdy stuff, and frankly, it is. But in the real world, small stuff like this makes a big difference. Luxury watch owners who shell out serious money for a watch (the Superdiver is £5,500 and the Solargraph £2,450) are often alarmed to learn that after a few years of wear, their ‘lifetime purchase’ needs a costly reset. TAG Heuer, and the industry beyond, is working on kicking those costs down the road.

If that’s the first angle, the second is nerdier still. While much of the industry continues to focus on so-called ‘in-house’ movements (that’s everyone from Rolex and Cartier to Oris and Frederique Constant), TAG Heuer has divorced itself from that particular rat race and instead leaned on third parties for these new movements.

The Superdiver’s movement is made by Kenissi, a young Swiss manufacturer owned by Rolex and Chanel. In the words of TAG Heuer’s movement director, Kenissi makes the best, most robust movements in the business – a claim that will echo loud at larger, older rivals ETA and Sellita. Bar TH30-00’s Faraday cage and some fine tuning to make it more accurate, it’s the same movement that appears in 1:1 perfect fake watches made by Rolex’s sister company Tudor.

Meanwhile, the Solargraph is made by La Joux-Perret, a Swiss movement specialist owned by the Japanese company Citizen, and borrows its ‘Eco Drive’ solar technology. This too is proven hardware. Why invest millions in developing new tech that consumers will end up paying through the nose for, when there are perfectly good solutions out there already, is the gist of TAG Heuer’s thinking.

And there’s plenty of sense in that. On paper, these are the best quality replica watches in the three-hander category TAG Heuer has ever produced. Movement provenance is a secondary consideration after those of design and price – but it sure is nice to know those subjective factors are backed up with reassurances of tried-and-tested performance and reliability.

And that, dear people, is the TAG Heuer story today…

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