UK Luxury Replica Patek Philippe 5230G World Time Piece Unique With Ed’s Hometown On The Dial

“This, I think, is the coolest watch I own,” Ed says. We’ve moved into the piece unique portion of today’s program. This is a unique 1:1 replica Patek Philippe 5320G, with detail that’s totally individual to Sheeran: the name of his hometown, Framlingham, England, printed on the dial.

“It’s got a kebab shop, one cafe, a couple of pubs. But it’s not like having Singapore or Doha on the dial,” Ed says of his hometown. He wanted a watch unique to him, so he asked if perfect replica Patek Philippe UK would swap out London for his Framlingham on a 5230G World Time.
Swiss movement fake Patek Philippe obliged, and the result is a piece unique that flies totally under the radar. Besides the name of his hometown and a subtle custom color scheme unique to this example, it’s an off-the-shelf high quality fake Patek Philippe 5320G. It’s completely and uniquely Ed. Even better, he says the last time he wore it was when he made a surprise appearance at his high school in Framlingham.

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