UK High Quality Replica Patek Philippe Nautilus 3700/11A

The perfect fake Patek Philippe Nautilus launched in 1976 with the reference 3700 in steel, and that’s what’s leading us off this week, with a beautiful full-kit example from Wind Vintage. This is the reference 3700/11A (the ‘A’ stands for acier, or steel in French), dating to the mid-80s, and boasts all the charm of that original reference. The 40 mm “Jumbo” case of luxury replica Patek Philippe UK measures 42 mm from ear to ear, and features a crisp, brushed bezel framing the not-quite-circlular dial that is a masterclass in subtlety.

Last week Eric Wind told us that he, “is still bullish with the first series,” meaning that he expects the very original references will continue to pull ahead of later Swiss movement copy Patek Philippe UK as time progresses. This could explain the pricing here, which, frankly, is down considerably from where we might have guessed it to have been just two years ago.

We love the original aaa quality replica Patek Philippe for its lack of a seconds hand, creating a broad, serene landscape of the horizontal texture rendered in a deep navy blue, with a soft sunray finish. Age shows itself in unique ways in this reference, and here we’re treated to a near original looking dial, which is something of a rarity. This example is being listed with its original Certificate of Origin and a 1:1 replica Patek Philippe oval box.

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