The Premier League Football Managers Topping The UK Top Replica Watches Table In 2022

Perhaps it’s psychological. Perhaps it’s posturing. Perhaps it’s about having so much money you don’t know what to do with it. Probably it’s a mix of all those things, plus something about longing for dependability and permanence when your professional life relies on constant performance. Or something.

Whatevs. The ongoing style evolution of the top-flight football manager – see Pep’s fine-gauge sweaters, Pochettino’s masterclass in tonal tailoring, Frank Lampard’s Thom Sweeney suits; do not see Stevenage’s pork pie hat-wearing Paul Tisdale (which isn’t top-flight in any way) – has spread from the sleeve of a cashmere knit to the wrist.

That’s right, the high-end Swiss timepiece has become an essential part of the modern football manager’s touchline uniform. And while some of the AAA UK replica watches you’ll clock in press conferences and studio appearances owe their presence to brand partnerships (looking at you, Hublot) other gaffers are demonstrating some serious watch nous. These are the Premier League managers topping the watch league table in 2021/22…   

Jürgen Klopp, Liverpool FC – Replica IWC Perpetual Calendar Digitate Date-Month Edition ‘50 Years Aquatimer’ Watches

Not only will Jürgen Klopp’s snappily-named high quality fake IWC Perpetual Calendar Digitate Date-Month Edition ‘50 Years Aquatimer’ watches – jeez – tell you the date, month and time, it will also let you know whether or not it’s a leap year (one of the most difficult complications to achieve in watchmaking). It also features a flyback chronograph function, meaning you can reset and restart the stopwatch hand with a single push of a side button (another complication that’s properly difficult to fit into something smaller enough to slip onto your wrist). Being dive perfect replica watches, you can do all of this to a depth of 100 metres (not necessarily the most essential of functions for a football manager, we’ll grant you). Only 50 pieces were made – the same amount, and we counted them all, as the number of managers who’ve won the Champion’s League.

(Some horologic football trivia for you: who do you think acts as official wristwatch and timing partner to Liverpool FC? Hublot? TAG Heuer? Rolex? Nope. A British brand by the name of TRIBUS. No, us neither.)

Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea – Fake Hublot Classic Fusion Watches

When Thomas Tuchel took up the position of Chelsea boss in January 2021, he became the latest in a long line of manager’s to be presented with best Swiss copy watches from the club’s official timekeeper, Hublot. So far, timepieces from the Swiss manufacturer have proved talismanic. Four months after taking the reins at the West London club, Tuchel won the Champion’s League with an all-black Classic Fusion strapped to his wrist. Nine months later, the German lifted the Club World Cup wearing a similar all-black perfect wholesale replica Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph watches. Hublot will once again be keeping time at the FIFA World Cup later this year, so expect to see plenty of cuff-shredding Big Bangs on the wrists of match officials and studio pundits in Qatar.

Frank Lampard, Everton – Patek Philippe Aquanaut Travel Time Ref 5164A Replica Watches

When Everton announced Frank Lampard as its new manager at the end of January, the club shot a soft-focus, close-crop promo video that looked more like a watch advert than a film introducing the incoming gaffer. The watch in frame? Luxury fake Patek Philippe’s Aquanaut Travel Time Ref 5164A watches. Yours for £31,430. Lamps has a proven soft spot for Patek Philippe, having been previously photographed wearing a white-gold Nautilus and the orange-accented Aquanaut Chronograph (as well as several Hublots and a Richard Mille).

Antonio Conte, Tottenham Hotspur – Rolex Daytona Fake Watches

Conte’s super clone watches for men costs almost as much as the car he used to drive to and from Chelsea’s Cobham Training Centre. His panda-dial Daytona in steel, aka the planet’s most sought-after Rolex, retails for £11,600 (if you can find one for twice that price on the pre-owned market, well done you). You can pick up a Next Generation Nissan Juke – Conte used to drive the older, cheaper model between Surrey and Stamford Bridge – for £19,200. Since moving to Tottenham, Conte’s stuck with the top Rolex replica watches. We can’t tell you whether he’s chopped in the Juke.

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