IWC Spits Fire With These Two New 43MM Big Pilot’s Fake Watches UK Online

What We Know

How much Big Pilot news can we take in one week? Well, apparently we have room for some more as IWC announced, just yesterday, the release of two new entrants into its popular Spitfire collection. But these aren’t the 46.2mm best UK replica IWC Big Pilot’s watches, but rather the new kids on the block: The smaller 43mm Big Pilot which hit earlier this year at Watches & Wonders. It’s fittingly called the Big Pilot’s Watch 43 Spitfire.

What we have are two 1:1 top fake watches, in two case materials, offering different design takes on the basic vintage Spitfire aesthetic. One piece is titanium with a black dial, and a military Flieger-esque dial layout with white painted numerals in white on the outer track, and smaller gray numerals on the inner track.

The other piece features a bronze case and a green dial (it’s still 2021 for a few more weeks), with a more conventional Spitfire dial design complete with the retro-type setting for the numerals. Both pieces have the four points of aged luminescent paint on the markers. The Titanium model has the aged lume on the hands where the bronze model does not. Both Swiss made copy watches have a closed titanium caseback with the Spitfire plane engraved there, covering the soft-iron inner case which aids against magnetic fields.

It is worth noting that, unlike the smaller 39mm Automatic Spitfire, high quality IWC replica watches has maintained the single line of text on the 43mm Big Pilot versions, as neither watch bears the Spitfire wordmark. Both replica watches for sale are powered by the same IWC-manufactured 82100 calibre movement found in the standard 43mm Big Pilot with 60 hours of power reserve.

What We Think

This release is very interesting on the basis of just how new and exciting the standard 43mm 1:1 wholesale fake IWC Big Pilot watches is and was at launch. I would say that it’s surprising to see the brand iterating on the model so soon, but this is the watch world we’re talking about. The good thing is, both of these new Spitfire editions look distinctive and quite cool.

I have yet to buy into the green perfect fake watches of 2021 trend, so my eye is definitely more keen on the titanium black dial variant for a couple of reasons. The first is all about the design. Even without seeing it in the metal, I can tell this one is a looker. It definitely leans heavily into the historical side of things, but it still feels balanced. In fact, according to IWC, this watch’s design takes inspiration from old observation 2021 replica watches online. As the brand states in its release, “this layout made it easier for pilots and navigators to read the minutes and seconds at just a glance,” adding, “They needed this information to perform tasks like celestial navigation during visual flights.” I’m no Cole Pennington (I just play one on TV), so you won’t see me testing out this capability, but I can appreciate the thought behind the design.

My second reason for being partial to this particular watch is the concept of a 43mm – small for IWC Big Pilot replica watches shop site standards, but still large – cased watch in full titanium. Even the large onion crown is fashioned from the lightweight material. Hopefully, I’ll get to go hands-on with this one in the near future and can report back just how light it is.

Moving now to the other piece, we see not just the trendy use of green, but also that of bronze – a material that has become quite prevalent in our horological world. In this case, IWC super clone watches for men uses a compound that includes copper, aluminum, and iron which the brand says makes their alloy 50 percent harder than a standard bronze watch case (the crown is also bronze here). As you might expect, the case and crown will tarnish and develop their own kind of patina over time. Of course, if you’re not into that, you can always polish it back to look like new, though I suspect if you’re after a bronze watch, you want the patina. The green color looks quite good against the case material, and will likely look better as the color changes.

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