Casually Sipping A Coffee With The Legendary UK AAA Fake Patek Philippe Nautilus 3700/1A “Jumbo” Watches On The Wrist

I thought it would be a nice start to the day, having a coffee while sporting luxury replica Patek Philippe Nautilus 3700/1A “Jumbo” watches. Ever since the Nautilus became THE hype watch, I became a Nautilus skeptic. Yes, Genta did a good job, and so did Patek, but not a $100,000 good job. Still, on the wrist, the original 3700/1A in particular is something special indeed.

This Nautilus was at HQ, so why not wear it? I did have my time with a steel 5711 a few years back, and I began to understand why the Nautilus is special — it’s a mix of shape, size, color, and myth. But I never had the chance to wear the original cheap UK fake watches, the Patek Philippe Nautilus 3700/1A “Jumbo”. Now I have. I grabbed it with both hands, and I loved every minute that it was on my wrist. I did need a shot of Armenian brandy in my coffee to steady myself, though. No, not just because I looked on Chrono24 to see what a steel 3700/1A (that had an original list price of US$3,100) goes for these days. It was also because the 3700/1A is an extraordinary and ingenious creation.

Wearing the Patek Philippe Nautilus 3700/1A “Jumbo”

The Genta design that debuted in 1976 is equal parts original, daring, and brilliant. Yes, his Royal Oak design is older, and it was the original steel luxury sports watch for the elite. But the two-piece case mimicking a porthole and the smoother shapes of the Nautilus resonate better with me. And because of its ultra-thin automatic caliber 28-255C that’s based on Jaeger-LeCoultre’s legendary JLC 920 movement, the 1:1 best replica watches is just 7.6mm slim. The absence of a central seconds hand not only looks clean but also keeps the movement and case super svelte.

In comparison, the wholesale replica Patek Philippe 5711 watches has a more conventional three-piece case and movement with central seconds, making it a bit thicker. Interestingly, the new 5811 reverts to the two-piece construction, but the movement is still the one from the 5711, meaning it’s not as slim as the original 3700.

The Nautilus magic is real and tangible

This watch — one of around 4,800 steel 3700s ever made — wears like a dream. Although the size led to the nickname “Jumbo” back in 1976, 40mm is neither too big nor too small these days. And this Nautilus is also neither too thin nor outdated; the 3700/1A is just a timeless, perfect copy watches. Dial maker Stern Frères is also to thank for that. The grayish-blue dial with horizontal grooves is both sporty with a nautical touch and very elegant. In my opinion, this is the one watch to rule them all.

The one on my wrist is from the early ’80s, and because the applied hour markers in white gold are filled with tritium, they now display a subtle vanilla color. And since I claim that this is the Swiss movements replica watches to rule them all, that means it also rules over the 5711 and 5811. Yes, the new, white gold 5811 is “better” than the 5711. However, the blue sunburst dial with a black gradation and the central seconds and resulting “thick” 8.2mm case means that it can’t beat the 3700.

The 3700/1A super clone watches for sale is not just the original Nautilus, but it is also the best Nautilus so far. And that’s not the Armenian brandy talking. That’s as close to an objective observation as it gets.

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