An integrated-bracelet steel sports watch from best replica Omega UK: Seamaster Day-Date

Okay, on to the opposite end of the spectrum. Well, price-wise, at least. This is a very cool 1:1 fake Omega Seamaster Day-Date ref. 166.0216 from the late ’70s or early ’80s. Its tonneau case measures 35mm in diameter. From experience, I can say that it wears quite a bit larger than the IWC above.

Personally, I love the super-clean design. It is very much “of its time,” but somehow works just as well today. You also get a slenderness that is hard to find in modern integrated-bracelet steel sports replica watches online uk. This generation gets a bad rep for its calibers. The caliber 1020 in this one, however, seems to be one of the more reliable of the 1xxx family.

This AAA fake Omega Seamaster Day-Date ref. 166.0216 is offered on eBay. Its seller from Japan has a 100% rating after 610 items sold. That compensates somewhat for the rather sparse information in the listing. A couple of critical questions first and US$1,408 later will land you this cool Omega super clone for sale uk.

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