The New UK 1:1 Replica IWC Big Pilot’s Watch AMG G 63 — How Come I Love The Car But Not This Watch?

Many people dream of owning a Porsche or Ferrari, and I did too as a kid. But for many years now, it has been the G-Class (or G-Wagon) that I consider my absolute dream car. It doesn’t have to be a Mercedes-AMG G 63 (AMG); I will also settle for a G 500. But the latter will already set you back €230,000 here in the Netherlands, where car prices are absurdly high due to taxes. The G 63 will increase the outlay to €300,357. Of that amount, we’d pay €144,557 in taxes.

Mercedes-AMG G 63 × Fake IWC Big Pilot’s Watch
Mercedes told me that these cars can’t be ordered anymore as a new (electric?) version is expected in 2024. That said, the price (before taxes) of €154,300 for a G 63 would be out of my range anyway. I will stick to the electric Tamiya G 500 RC car that I purchased in times of lockdown.

A few days ago, a press release appeared in my mailbox about the new luxury replica IWC Big Pilot’s Watch AMG G 63 ref. IW501201. My heart skipped a beat, and it sounded like the perfect watch to go with my Tamiya 1:10 Mercedes G-Class RC car.

Replica IWC Big Pilot’s Watch AMG G 63
However, after opening the email, I went silent for a while. I can’t remember for how long, but I needed time to recover from this confrontation. I love the G-Class car and the Big Pilot’s Watch from perfect super clone IWC UK, so where exactly did it go wrong in my head?

Two counters in a B-Uhr
I quickly identified that the dial layout of the new aaa quality replica IWC Big Pilot’s Watch AMG G 63 doesn’t work for me. The classic Big Pilot’s watch (today’s ref. IW501001) looks right, though you could debate the date window. The large central seconds hand is essential to any Beobachtungsuhr (“observer’s watch”), but IWC decided to put that into a small sub-dial at 9 o’clock. And even though I am not so much of a purist that I will only appreciate the original or most classic designs (I like the Mojave edition, for example, and the Le Petit Prince), I think there are a few things off with the cheap fake IWC Big Pilot’s Watch AMG G 63. Let’s take a closer look.

Aside from the small seconds hand at 9 o’clock, the white rings around the sub-dials are out of place. According to the press release, however, these white rings should remind you of the headlights of a G-Class car. Okay. I had to look for an image of the G-Wagon’s front, and indeed, when the light is switched on, it has this white ring (as shown above). But that’s not my only beef with the design. It also concerns the gold case and black dial.

Armor Gold
Black and gold is a color combination that I don’t mind, and Swiss movement fake IWC says it’s inspired by the recently introduced Mercedes-AMG G 63 “Grand Edition” (of which only 1,000 examples will be made). I think IWC replica for sale should have used more black on this watch and less gold to make it a proper G 63 “Grand Edition” commemorative piece.

Swiss super clone IWC’s gold for the case and crown is called Armor Gold. This 5N alloy ensures better protection against wear and tear since it is harder than regular 18K gold. The alloy’s ingredients remain a secret, but high quality replica IWC indicates that this gold has an improved microstructure to achieve greater hardness.

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