Racing Fans’ Collection – Appealing UK Bell & Ross Belly Tanker Replica Watches

With the interest in racing cars, Bell & Ross invented the Belly Tanker cars that are affected by the vintage style, which are designed based on the fighters’ fuel tanks, and equipped with engine and four wheels. Besides, with the cooperation of “Revolution” and “The Rake”, Bell & Ross introduces two Swiss retro copy Bell & Ross Belly Tanker watches by applying the bronze material, including El Mirage Chronograph and Dusty Chronograph.

  • El Mirage Chronograph
Excellent replication watches are paired with brown sub-dials.
Champagne Dials Knock-off Bell & Ross Belly Tanker El Mirage Chronograph Watches

Inspired by Burke that is made based on fuel tank of P51, the elaborate replica Bell & Ross watches better interpret the vintage feeling. Combined with champagne dials, brown sub-dials and bezels, the watches forever show extreme charm.

  • Dusty Chronograph


Modern reproduction watches form the distinctive visual effect.
Caramel Dials Bell & Ross Belly Tanker Dusty Chronograph Imitation Watches

Named after the Dusty car of racer Bill Burke, the stable fake watches for sale build the obvious contrast with caramel dials, black sub-dials and chocolate bezels.

Possessing the brown calfskin straps in retro military, the remarkable reproduction Bell & Ross watches online can bring you the appreciate of antique form.

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